Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Adventure

I miss writing in my blog. One thing I learned while blogging about my trip across the country is it affords me a few minutes to reflect on the simple things that make life so wonderful. Knowing that *anyone can read my ramblings keeps me restrained to a point that I have to brush off the negatives and focus on the important things. It is a good practice of meditation and has a way of lifting your mood. I think this is why Bob Marley praised"Positive vibrations."
*By "anyone" I am referring to Cara, who I realize might become my only follower!

What to write about?
Since being medically separated (soon to be retired... I hope!) I have been pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant. It has been a tough ride just getting accepted to a school. In fact, I have spent the last 3 years taking classes and getting work related experience in patient care just to compete for the coveted opportunity just to become a student. it has been a tricky balancing act between keeping my focus on the goal pf being a PA and sucking up the entry level work which usually involved dealing with patients bodily fluids.
I figured I would write about my experience of being a layman and tackling this monumental personal goal. Really, I feel like a guy who has no business diving head first into a graduate level science degree, especially with my background of a history degree and navigating airplanes. They are similar, right?

Monday, July 26, 2010

In the Surf!

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VA Beach.jpg

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I miss my blog!

I feel like I left everyone hanging. The end of the ride was amazing! It was HOT and humid and the day was a bit of a whirlwind! We rode into VA Beach to an overwhelming show of support. I was truly humbled. After a brief program, we rode down a specially made ramp and into the Atlantic. It was so emotional, I can barely remember the details. The image of the group of us, arm in arm, amongst a crowd of thousands being swallowed by the Atlantic surf will be with me forever. It's one of those moments you wish you could freeze and experience longer. I guess it's these fleeting moments that seem to mean the most because they go so fast. I guess it's a bitter sweet reminder that life is about experiences that touch you. The beauty of it... there will always be more.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where do I begin... Where do I end?

I have no idea how to put the last 64 days into words. I have no idea how to take an idea... a collective effort... a great cause... and put it into words to wrap it all up. It just can't be done. Words, no matter how descript, are finite, and limit our efforts... punctuate our story.
So be warned my trusty followers, this is is just the beginning!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ron and Nate some how got themselves, their bikes and overnight stuff on a Miata!

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We've been known to break a few rules.

We had a hot day of gently (and not so gently) rolling hills. The heat and humidity were killer and we were beat by the end of the ride. Some of us rode straight to the hotel because a ceremony in a park, in the sun after that ride would have been unhealthy.
My friends Ron and Nate showed up for the ride today. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised about the support we have been receiving!
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